Sunday, August 23, 2009

Come On Australia

My book at the moment is OK, having backed them at 15ish and kept reducing liability as I went along.

I think they'll do it, but thats the problem, I 'think' and I dont believe. Still not 100% sure because its really hard to get a start on the pitch, once youre in though its fine. So backing Australia after a wicket is a good idea if you think the batsman can play himself in without giving it away. Of the batsmen to come, I'd say Clarke and North can do that, I'd trust them, dont really fancy the others that much to do it though. Probably need a 100 from Ponting just to get things going. I'd absolutely love them to do it with Ponting and Clarke at the crease, be fantastic.

Would be happy enough to back Australia again if Hussey goes, starting after the breaks each time looks really hard but after it gets easier so hopefully they can see off the first half an hour without a wicket. A world record chase though, their still miles and miles away from getting there, and it could finish fast. Really would love them to do it now and right up for this chase, but just not confident enough to have a proper cut on them with €300 plus on, keeping my liability under €100. Will keep reducing liability as I go along too, this game is a like a hot potato now, who ever has their money down when a wicket goes loses it, while I'd much rather be backing after a wicket than laying, but all depends how the game is going at the time.


Update at 3.56PM

Ponting run out, top up. Clarke 0, top up. North 10, bollocks! Need a miracle now. Technically its still on but looks impossible from here, needed scores from Clarke and North to win, but still lots of scope of a bit of market panic while Haddin is there. Wouldnt be backing at 20, but not much I can do can but hope for a chance to be able to reduce the loss.


Update at 5.05PM

And I'm out! Fantastic, my nerves are gone watching this. Really hope Australia do it, but still totally unsure of them getting there, not touching my book now, I've gotten away with a few things today so happy to let it run on the Aussies, Haddin and Hussey have to get them to within a 100 to win I suppose, not much after Johnson. One wicket soon and you'd say that will be that, so I'd be playing with fire if I stayed in the market with an hour until the close of play. Havent had a bet today bar this so will update everything tomorrow when its over.

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