Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The IPL 2010 choose to put the games "live" on the internet through Youtube. WTF.

"There are a few countries where the feed will be near as live which means there will be a delay of only a few minutes."

"Only" a few minutes, FFS its bad enough being 10sec behind never mind a few minutes! What fooking eejet came up with this idea. Has this ever happened before? No it hasnt, because its a total disaster.

I am SEETHING. Any cricket follower/trader is SEETHING. I'd say Betfair are even SEETHING. Surely one of the sports channels have to pick it up.. its the biggest 20/20 tournament of the year FFS, whats more its the biggest trading bonanza of the year.

They cant let this happen..


  1. TV rights are still worth a lot to them, I'd be very surprised if other networks don't pick it up too. The time delays could be for the likes of China and Australia who have net censorship (Aus govt is trying to bring it in, believe it or not!).

    Haven't seen any mention of exclusivity either. Whether Sky is willing to pay the money Setanta did though is another story.

    Just occurred to me - perhaps the delay is to give broadcast rights holders some value in those rights... so if Sky picks it up, YouTube UK runs on a delay?

  2. Sky wont be getting it because England play at the same time so that rules them out. I was hoping Eurosport would pick it up after they did the Champions League from over there, did a good job too. Thats how Pollard went for so much money!

    I've just heard there'll be a two minute delay on Youtube if someone in the UK buys the rights, but dunno what happens if no one picks it up.

    I presume if its free for everyone on the internet networks wont spend that much. Its looking grim at the moment but surely someone has to get it! Its hard to see a family of Indians all sitting around a computer watching it together.. which is mainly the target market bar us gamblers.

    Any delay will be impossible to work with in running though, bad enough trying to beat the snipers as it is :(