Monday, January 18, 2010

Time Off..

Just back from the vet with the cat, hes been in all day, but needs antibiotics until Saturday.. bugger. Thats our life out the window for this week anyway, the house is in utter chaos still and you know after last week went so bad I might as well pack it in until Saturday or Sunday.

People ask me why I choose to gamble for a living instead of working, its purely for the lifestyle of course, I mean you dont get more glamorous than staying at home looking after the cat. Hopefully Ems gets a few days off so I can leave and go to the nearest casino to have a tenner on red.. picture the shakes I'm going to have FFS.

Just looked at the sports schedule for the week, I'm not missing too much anyway. But the way things are I'm odds on to lose no matter whats on. I shall be on the couch for the remainder of the week, hope theres something good on tv.. anyone for countdown? Purely for the numbers of course to sharpen the mind.

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