Thursday, January 28, 2010

IFSC Exchange Shop

First time in an exchange shop today, and it was amazing! Couple of positives and a couple of negatives, I'll list them below but in the main it was good and I'm going back tomorrow.

1) Speed of the internet connection was incredible.
2) TVs state of the art, everyone has their own, headphones too.
3) Computers the same.
4) Comfortable chairs!
5) Being up to speed with the market, first time its happened me, everything is so much easier compared to home.
6) Gruss (one click software) is very good, dont have it at home, took me all day to learn how to use it but its amazing for €6 or whatever it is a month.
7) I can trade in running, cant do that at home.

1) €40 a day for a seat, you'd want to be winning for that like.
2) Its a bus journey AND a luas journey away from me, anyone that connects transports knows it can be a little awkward, especially in Dublin.
3) Its weird not being at home, I missed little things like wandering around in between races and having a cuppa tea, simple stuff like that, I didnt eat today from 11 until half 6 too.

Apart from that, really enjoyed it and as I said I'll be back tomorrow. One thing I would say if asked for a bit of advice, mine would be if you cant win money off ATR etc at home (I know its difficult), its still gonna be difficult with faster pictures, you have to know in running basically, cant just walk in. I'd a friend with me who doesnt do in running normally and lost today.

As for my day, finished up losing €2, feels like a proper win given my run of form! Spent the best part of the day learning how to use gruss, and only worked it out towards the end, theres stuff on it I wasnt using that would be really helpful and theres stuff I was using at the start which wasnt helpful. The "level profit" button doesnt suit my style at all, yet I spent over half the day greening up that way. Then discovered how to change the stakes buttons at the top (real beginner stuff like), the "fill or kill" tool is seriously helpful too. Suppose its nothing new to people who have APIs but its new to me.

One thing I noticed the minute I came home and looked at the P&L was, I was involved in so many races, nearly just about every one of them bar the all weather which I wasnt overly bothered with, when I'm at home I'd never have so many markets, main reason was because I was always getting matched because of the speed. Cant complain win or lose once I get matched. Was playing small stakes, €2 a click, another thing I noticed was my liability was much lower there, because I was getting matched at lower odds than having to go to at home. Played the same as I would have done here, same style, only loss of any real substance was that Obe Gold in Southwell, fook me it came from about 6 miles back, was thinking "not again" because thats the way its been going lately but sure how many times are horses going to win like that, just have to hold the hands up at the time, thankfully didnt lay McCoy with that wonder ride today on the thing that wasnt jumping the whole way around, hes a genius.

Still learning the ropes, learned new stuff today I never knew but thats what its all about sure. Banging headache now though, and out for a well deserved drink.

Things are looking up anyway, went from losing to finishing level, BOOM!


  1. Hi Stephen,

    Gruss is an absolute bargain at £6 a month isn't it?
    One of your negatives can also be a positive though. The not walking round to have a cup of tea etc.

    I have found when using a trading shop that initially you feel that you have paid your money so you should stay all day.
    However, its much better, in my experience, to pick and choose the time you want to be in there based around the races you wish to play in.
    That way you are more focussed on what you are doing and concentration remains for longer.

    You also don't come home with a headache!

    Good luck tomorrow

  2. Its the best thing I've seen in a while now! I'm gutted they dont do it for Mac though, thinking about buying a computer purely for it, its that good, computers are fairly cheap these days too might be a good investment.

    Possibly so, I was there from the first race til the last! I'd watch racing 24/7 though. Was in college beforehand too, say it all added to it, will probably more selective in the future but was keen to play every race today, get used to it etc.

    Awful headache though, coming home on the bus was no craic!

  3. Stephen - if you are willing to do it properly, it's worth paying for someone to train you fully on the Gruss. It has lots of little features that most will never use. €100 or whatever is just one race where you hit the wrong button or key...

    The best in-running traders do their homework on running styles of horses, keep a scrapbook/spreadsheet etc so you know which horses to look out for flying home from a mile back.