Friday, January 29, 2010


Finally a winning day, forget how long its been and too afraid to check.. must be nigh on two weeks though, maybe more, hopefully its the end of the bad run anyway.

Was back in the exchange shop, went well, all bar one race, Ruby on the 1/6 shot, was jumping OK down the back straight, McCoys wasnt, Rubys still at SP so backed it. Gave completely no respect to the outsider and sure enough the outsider comes and does me. Even after the last I still thought he'd pick up the better. Wasnt happy. Apart from that no worries and still using smallish stakes. Gruss was handy enough today too, no problems there. Was a hard enough day like, three 1.01s beaten, not that I'm backing them mind, but you know the whole he is, he isnt, he is, he isnt type of race - not a fan.

SEETHING with my myself for the stakes though, was betting in fives and tens all day, then click 50 and 20 for Rubys race, no excuses, just seriously annoyed with myself for changing, I'm a fooking eejit basically. Lesson learned. If I took out that race it would have been a really good day, I know I cant "take out a race" it doesnt work like that, sure you could do that for every loser you back then, but you know just the staking, that took the wind out of my sails for half an hour or so but was alright after that.

Got a good tip for McCoys winner, friend knew the owners, was a welcome email at the time. And couldnt resist a cheeky lay at 1.07 on the boxing (SP was 1.09), it was such a shite fight and the judges over there, well lets say they could do anything, wasnt to be but no harm trying.

Have an assignment in college due Monday, havent started it yet (head in hands man FFS), not sure whether to do it tomorrow and do in running Sunday, or do in running tomorrow and the assignment Sunday, evens the pair, the few inspections in the morning will probably swing the betting. I'm nackered.

PS. How the fook do they let people beg on the luas? Homeless people walking up and down it every time I get on.. I dont mind them but its an awful awkward position to be in standing there. And its odds on if I didnt pay for a ticket I'd be fined.. with my track record with public transport anyway!

Boxing: -€10.94 | Horse Racing: -€48.41 Total P&L: -€59.35


  1. Never ever bet inrunning on saturday!
    The API breaks down on every saturday afternoon.

  2. I was thinking that! Around 3 o'clock when all the football heads appear.

    All courses inspecting at half 10 now so have another few hours to decide, could of stayed in bed!

  3. My whole month has beeen cocked up by inconsistent staking. Twenty-odd days of steady wins, then just say 'oh stuff it' for a few days, a couple of losing lays, and back to square one. It's simply about concentration. How often do you say 'why did I do that?'. In my case, too many times.

  4. Nail on the head Rob.

    Was seething with myself yesterday after, why do you never think of it as a bad idea at the time, it only occurs after..!

    Its extremely hard to keep concentration for the whole day in there, I'm sure people do it but my mind often wanders off at some stage.