Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Losing Run Continues..

I've set new records today. Since the start of the blog I dont think I've ever had six losing days in a row, and still keeping to the average, lost another €125 today. Bugger. Someone post the head in hands man for me please!

Its been eventful..
-€107 on Shaun Murphy missing the simple red started it.
-€150 on the snooker market mare.
-€120 on the boxing draw.
-€270 on the horse in Leopardstown.
And today -€125 on Pakistan.
Done other stuff as always but theyve been the main ones.

Six days, losing the best part of €750. Its no craic. The two weeks before the losing run started, I'd won around €1,450.. so it swings in roundabouts really. I dont want to lose it all back which is the main focus at the moment.

Few things going through my head, first one being I've already had a "break" while the house wasnt ideally set for gambling, so that rules out the "take a break and gather your thoughts" idea, second being I dont think I've done anything particularly wrong or outside of what I would normally do, and lastly its very hard to actually take things seriously in a professional manner, "try to win" and lose six days in a row! Winning isnt easy you know but sods law says you'll win at least one day. I know I take the piss with everything but I take it seriously when I'm in the middle of gambling obviously.

Theres absolutely no point being depressed about it anyway, sure look it happens, no one likes losing and yes it feels terrible, but you know I went out and had the craic today after the cricket finished, theres no point crying over it.

A few events have gone against me, Shaun Murphy and the boxing draw for example but thats sport and what can I do like you know. Apart from that, I've done my normal thing, I havent lost the head, gone chasing, or did anything I wouldnt normally do. I've just been losing. "Whats worse than a loser? Someone who wont admit they played it wrong." I believe in that statement, but I'm still left scratching my head wondering what would I do differently, you know no one makes you press buttons, I clicked because I wanted to, I clicked because I thought my judgement would win.

So, er, I've no excuses. And I'm not going to make up excuses either and blame anything. I'm just losing. Shit happens. As I said, no one makes me click buttons, its no ones fault bar my own, and I'm not seething at myself either because well, losings part of the game isnt it. I'm still happy, doesnt feel good to lose, but you know, I'm not gonna be depressed about it.

I had a discussion today about taking a few days off, I said I've already done that, my argument anyway was if you take a few days off and come back, how do you know things will be better? Youve no idea form will magically return. I havent lost the head and gone mad, so stuff like that doesnt have to leave my system. I'd rather crack on through it and go from there. Obviously my form is poor at the moment, but its not gonna be great all year round either.

So, withdrew a few quid this evening, have €140 in the Betfair account, I'll play with that for the rest of the week and see what happens. At least you know I cant make things THAT more worse with just €140 and if I win with it, confidence is back, maybe a little bit of form will be back, and I'll know. Rather than staying away worrying what I'll be like when returning.

As I said, I'm not depressed about it, these things happen, and life goes on, no point seething at the world over it. Just cant back a winner!

I had a fair bet today in my opinion, Pakistan to chase down 287 against Australia this morning, laid the Aussies half way through the run chase, less than five minutes later they got the worse ever LBW I've seen trading cricket, it was miles outside the line (cant be out if it pitches outside leg) and it wasnt even going on to be hitting from hawkeye, I called the bowler a mug for even appealing, then the umps finger went up! SEETHING! Thats only one wicket in a whole team though, so no blame there, things never go your way when youre on a losing run though. Boom Boom came to the crease, 140 off 100 needed, all on him, I was thinking Allah be praised FFS no hope, Boom Boom does have the look of a nutter at times. Sure enough though he got the market moving, was at 1.44 after he hit a 4, 60 off 40 needed, he stays there they win handy I'm thinking.. out next ball, market straight to 1.05, wouldnt of done anything differently, just when it adds to the other losses it adds to the pressure. I feel skint, even though I'm not, I still feel the pressure.

Its been that type of six days though, small few things I'd like to have done differently, but thats only after the event because I lost, I've felt like I've done everything I've wanted to do for a proper reason. I've just lost. I wont be losing any sleep over it, its part of the game. And I move on and still enjoy life, fook it sure.

Next time I back a winner, I'm going to fooking dance around the room like Michael Jackson. It can only get better anyway, because it cant get any worse!


  1. Hi,

    Really interesting blog.
    We are new to reading these and it gives a great insight to how some people bet, especially when using multiple services.

    Losing runs are very hard to take especially when you seem to have been particularly unlucky on some bets, the boxing draw for instance.

    Stick at it, you seem to be doing very nicely in the long run and stick with the blog.
    Really entertaining.

  2. unlucky mate, but if you still would place the same bets tomorrow that you did today then just put it down to murphy's law. You are still in massive profit and this time next week it will probadly be all forgotten

  3. Cheers lads, appreciate the comments.

    Ya hopefully it'll turn around, hard to take at the time, but you have to keep going as the man said.

  4. same problem here.

    Ronaldinho to score? Missed 92nd minute penalty
    33/1 shots finish 2nd
    horses trading at 1.3 and under then losing (ridiculous amount).

    Just the way it goes bro.

  5. Ah man 92nd minute I feel for you :(

    Its one of those things losing runs, I dont think we'll ever work it out.

    That horse I backed on Sunday traded 1.12 and got beaten :(

    Suppose ya never notice when everythings going your way, while ya notice when everything goes tits up.

  6. Do you never consider laying on running to at least cover your stake?

    There are obvious pros and cons to it but in a bad run laying at, say 1.25, can at least offer some cushion.

    On the bright side, the fact that your bets are trading low in running means you are doing the right thing. You are just being unlucky.
    Its when the drift the moment you back them and continue to drift until the winning line that you know something isn't right!

  7. Ah, the horses.. not really, depends on the moment I suppose, but if I backed a horse thinking it would win I probably wouldnt trade out.

    Other sports I would more, I only laid Shaun Murphy for a flip flop, he potted the red there would have been you know, whereas I wouldnt have traded out of Pakistan today at a flip flop because I thought they'd win with Boom Boom there.. just depends on the moment.