Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Snow Of 2010

D'ya think in a few years we'll be looking back at how mental it is now? Or are we set for a few winters in a row like this? I'm snowed in of course like many people but had to walk the 5/6 hour journey to my Grandad yesterday to get him food and tablets etc, it really is mental. Anyone that was out in Dublin/Kildare yesterday will understand what we all went through.. what can you do sure, just have to get on with it.

Anyway, glad to be back indoors today and again gambling well (its the snow I'm telling ya!), the test match is below but also had a win on the ODI. To be fair, I made an absolute balls of it, was backing India to win because of the dew that comes at night over there, outfield quickens up, wet ball for the spinners, hard to field, hard to bowl, ball comes onto the bat better, everything in favour of the batsmen really. What went wrong was India tried to balls things up before the dew came losing three wickets, why didnt I wait until the dew arrived I asked myself.. had to bail but didnt go awe-red, left zero India €160 red on Bangs, the situation probably dictated that I went awe-red but this is where having a max bet and not going over €300 comes into its own you know, I can just turn around and say to myself if it loses, it loses, I wont die and neither will my bank. Then Dhoni came in and did exactly what I was talking about yesterday, milked the spinner so bloody good (hes a genius at it seriously), so backed them again at odds against, book was €58 India -€210 Bangs, with India odds against, horrible position. But was saved by India winning quite easily in the end, the dew came in time! I would have loved to have not ballsed up the book and been able to attack that 2.4ish India price but sure I dont have a crystal ball, cant be right all the time.

For the Lanka v bangs game tomorrow, the skippers have moaned and moaned all week about the dew making it too easy for the team chasing, so theyre starting the games earlier from tomorrow onwards, so it wont be as big a factor. I reckon it'll still be around for the last maybe 15/10 overs, so the rate up towards 7ish should be OK, depending on whos batting obviously. Lanka SP is around 1.17 so it might be a walkover, might not though, sure we'll see. Very hard to trust Bangs chasing, they lose the head very easy.. hit a 6 and then out next ball springs to mind.

I must admit though my gambling days are numbered, I've decided to take a new path in life and go into darts. Watching the BDO, I reckon if I buy a dart board and a few darts, practice for an hour maybe two, I'll be flying. Of course cant get to Champion Sports with the snow to buy the dart board so I've put myself on a strict diet of 12 kebabs, 4 big mac meals, 7 twisty fries, 3 pizzas and 11 packets of crisps per day. All to be washed down with 9 cans of dutch gold. I reckon two weeks of this should have me in tip top shape, also have to remember to get myself down to Argos to get a few gold rings and chains, just to fit in you know, dont wanna look out of place.

Johnny picked a horror craic day with the weather to open the new boxing gym..! Its in Kildare Business Park if youre kids are that way inclined, I'm sticking to the darts, wouldnt mind a few boxing lessons though for when I play (and beat of course) Ted Hankey. Also looking into getting Tony Fleet as my doubles partner. I actually laid Hankey today at 1.1 at the break only to trade out too soon, he then went on to lose, happy with the €50 win of course but it could of been jackpot time had I waited 5 minutes longer, it was never an outright bet though.

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  1. I did similar with Hankey! I think you should take up the darts you couldn't be any worse than that Aussie the other day.

    Oh and by the way good man for walking for 6 hours in the snow to get your Grandad's pills. May the good Karma flow your way. (Or Korma if it helps with the darts diet!)