Thursday, January 7, 2010

South Africa v England - 3rd Test

First position here coming into the market, Colly and Bell there. Bell has looked fairly good against the Saffer attack this tour, alright he left a straight one first test but sure he got a 100 after, and we all know what Colly is like in games like these, betting for a draw is his kind of thing. So putting a bit of faith into them to get the market moving. Laid Saffers.

Mornings have looked hard to bat, and evenings is when the nerves kick in, afternoons seem the easiest time to bat (if there is one), hopefully the Saffer price ticks out if they see off the new ball. Then again its England, logic sometimes tends to go out the window..

Still some batting left (one wicket was Anderson) and the pitch doesnt look too bad. Just a case of them not giving their wicket away and how the Saffers bowl. Its most definitely playing with fire but the risk/reward is very high. Whole bet hinges on seeing off the new ball.


EDIT AT 12-42PM. Awe-green, dream hour and a bit without losing a wicket, still an awful long way to go and England could do anything in the final session, happy to be out of the market. I've aged four years seeing off that new ball.

About greening up, its my style to drip feed the bets back in as the market is moving. If it goes well I make my green bigger, if it goes tits up I've at least made my average odds better and could probably red out smaller than usual. Its taking an extra chance, probably the gambler coming out as opposed to the trader, if things went tits up during it, yeah I'd probably be annoyed but sure thats gambling you know what can you do.

What happens now? If they lose a wicket, collapse is well and truly on, dont lose a wicket sure its plain sailing. I'm not gonna lie though, I'm all green I dont care..

For whats it worth, I do hope England hang on.


  1. Nice Trading Stephen. I have loaded my green on to SA at the moment so rather sadly am hoping for a collapse or at least a wicket to trade.

  2. Cheers SP, see Saffers out to 3ish now could of waited a little longer but wanted to do the India Bangs game, plus nerves were kicking in, ha!

    Sure theres lots of scope for a collapse, remember they were only two down at tea last time! Plus Prior and Swan arent blockers..

    Colly the key. The man is gold dust in games like these.

  3. prior outtt collapse door opens......

  4. England never make life easy!

    Great end though, they cant draw without being 9 down..!