Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thissara Perera - India v Sri Lanka

Remember that name. Plays for Sri Lanka. He is the new BEAST. Bloody hell he doesnt half hit a long ball, basically won the game here too coming in, in the middle of the usual Lanka middle order collapse. Rate went from 5.8 to 8.2 in the space of a few overs, then this bloke comes him and sends it to all parts. Ground is massive too. And his stats sort of back him up with the amount of 6s hes hit at first class level. First time I've seen him play. He is immense. Who'd he come in the team for? Replaced the injured Dilshan, and you know how good he is. Hes up there now with the batsmen never to take on, and hes younger than me.

Apart from that, was a good market for me. Perfection for my style is a team odds against to tick down towards the total milking singles, nothing fancy, the market doesnt put much pass on it for a few overs, then finally it wakes up and weve a crash. Need not to lose a wicket though and need the players able to do it (mentally). For example, Michael Clarke and Ricky Ponting would be the dream team for milking chasing a high total, the likes of Matt Prior would not, nothing against Matt Prior, just hes open to a loose shot more times than not.

Today was good though, because it happened twice.. ballsed it up first time though. Was on the Lanka trade at the start, first powerplay, new ball, Indian seamers, anything is chase-able. Got the trade from 2.6ish to 1.75, and never took it. Seething. Had to bail at around 2.3 for half, and again at 2.7ish for the other half when wickets fell. Was actually so annoyed I never took the trade I squared up for a tenner at India 1.4, what a shite bet that was! Noticed Samaraweera and Sangakkara (very good at this) wanted to tick along for a while and milk the spinners without risk. Grand and handy once the rate is in or around 6, lower the better obviously. So, got another trade from 1.7ish India lay to 1.25ish Lanka lay this time. Learned my lesson to green up.. then Lanka fancied a cock-up (whats new!) and the market had another flip flop, I was out of the market by then though (picture the seething if I wasnt), before Perera took them home with 36 off 15 and a SR of 240. Hes the new beast. I'm calling it first here and now.

Excel, I notice the rate never goes above 6.2 (and even then thats late), while the odds dont react probably as much as they should. Different things for different games but once I'm happy with what excel is doing, the market can do what it likes. Generally when very little happens, subcontinental game = odds up and down like Alex Ferguson on the sideline when he sees only 1 minute injury time.


  1. HI Stephen

    Great blog mate great read, do you always do every cricket game in excel?

  2. ODIs, 40/40 and 20/20. Just lets me know where everything is going, plus when I'm betting even though I'm going off "feelings" it has to look likely to happen as well you know.

    Keeps me away from getting caught up in market panic too.