Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Man Is My Hero

Step froward Tony Fleet.


Double 1 aiming for treble 20.
1, 1, treble 1.
Fumbling the darts.
Nearly falling over "hes having problems on the stage."
Couldnt find the place to put his foot.
The 11 scored at the end is brilliant too.
Blokes laughing in the background.
27 darts to get down to 155.
The BBC at the end "sometimes youre so nervous you look drunk."

He was locked..! It actually gets funnier the more and more you watch it, I've only watched it 20 times mind.


  1. I saw this. Was painful viewing...Poor guy.

  2. Well, if youre gonna drink..

    I thought it was hilarious to be honest!

  3. he didn look drunk to me looked like he really was nervous, i would say its impossible to concentrate with a big crowd like that behind your back

  4. Wouldnt have thought Martin Adams would have took the piss out of him laughing in the interview if it was just nerves, he was like that the whole game too, never got a shot at a double.

    Besides, nerves dont make you trip over getting your stance..! Haha.