Monday, January 4, 2010


I said yesterday I was looking forward to leaving the house today, only to wake up, look out the window and see it snowed overnight again.. FFS! So, another day stuck inside, and more snow forecast for tonight with minus 8/9/10 to boot, the problem is New Years snow has completely turned to ice and then theres a layer or two of snow on top of that now. Bugger. I'm gonna have to trek out tomorrow I reckon no matter what, unless I wanna start eating cat food. If that wasnt bad enough, to make matters worse, the vodkas gone.

For every cloud however theres a silver lining and again a healthy P&L, being snowed in clearly does no end of good for my gambling for some reason, as someone said today, if I hit a bad run in July or something, I'll just have to pretend to be snowed in. I reckon I could pull it off. Although, what good is money when youve no fooking food..!

Delighted with how I traded the cricket anyway, sign of learning lessons you know, Sri Lanka v Bangladesh ODI, obviously you can assume Sri Lanka will win at the start, its just about how you trade the price then. They never went over 1.45 (highest I think) but had been a low of 1.12 before that (1.2ish SP), so was working in those prices the whole game. I'm a sucker for a market dog and a bounce out trade so was on the Lanka lay at low odds, normally I'd be sat here €1,800 green Bangs and zero Lanka if things went my way, or something along those lines, with Lanka trading in the 1.1x's, but switched all the green onto Lanka at one stage today and rode the price down a little before going awe-green. Rather than sitting here hoping for a miracle and jackpot.

I'd normally think, "ah, well, I didnt lose" and leave the grand or so green on the market dog, but then after the game, even though I didnt lose, I'd still regret it and wouldnt feel the greatest or the smartest you know. So, I'm working on the level green rather than having all my green on one side and zero on the other. When the market goes well by the way! Otherwise I'd choose awe-red, I choose awe-red when things go tits up so should go awe-green when things are good.

Anyone watching the BDO darts? Never laughed so much in my whole life. Just unbelievably pissing myself laughing at them, its sounds terrible I know, but how in gods name do you hit double 1 when aiming for treble 20, haha! 1, 1, treble 1 was another of my favourites, there was a lad locked too and he oh so very nearly fell over. Brilliant. Shite darts however.

India play Sri Lanka tomorrow so suppose being snowed in wont kill me again, no position in the Saffer test match yet, very hard to call really, Saffers odds would only move out (a lot) if they collapse or England pass them in the morning, not so sure they'll pass them if Saffers bowl well. Then we have basically a one innings game.. how much would you be confident of England chasing down? I'd get nervy at 230ish or so. Hard one to call and once theres ODIs on, theres no need for me to be getting involved in tests.

Horse racing? Wolverhampton today, Southwell tomorrow. How exciting whaaa. Cant blame them really with the weather but its awful depressing seeing them as the only meetings. Good luck to anyone betting on them is all I'll say!

And just heard on Sky Sports News, Whitlocks been given a spot in the Premier League, delighted.

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