Thursday, February 25, 2010


Darts: €10.09 | Horse Racing: -€30.00 Total P&L: -€19.91

Bit of a nothing day really for gambling. But spent most of the afternoon down in Apple Dublin sorting out a purposely built computer for me, really good bunch of lads down there and went through everything with me. Had to order in a few bits and pieces, and back down to put it all together on Monday, seriously looking forward to it, theyre going to go through it with me as they put everything together so it'll really be set to my needs and just be the ultimate gambling computer, I'll be able to put on a bet quicker than Paul Nicholls hands over a 20 pound note in a pie shop soon!

I dont necessarily 'need' it given I've always used the normal site, but just having been down the IFSC to use Gruss, and just seeing how easier life can be. Take away 3 clicks and turn it into one, its so handy, why wouldnt you use it you know, it can only improve things. Booked myself in for a Gruss trading seminar on the 7th of March too so I'll know absolutely everything about the software then. I like the way its called a 'trading' seminar, dont ya know I'll be the black sheep down the back of the room, "go on let it ride to fook, go on, go on." If he says green out after 5 ticks I'll be incan-bloomin-descent. I'll learn plenty though I presume.

Delighted to see Whitlock come back to a bit of form tonight, no bet on the match, but theres no end to the amount of time I have for him. Got really lucky in the first two matches, laid both winners, but managed to go awe-red pretty quickly after laying them and go from there, just pure luck split second change of mind, both never traded higher than the price I laid them at.

Small bet on kerb Appeal given he was such a high price at 17, in my opinion the only reason he was so high was because Rubs was on the stable mate, Rubs was 7ish and Kerb was 16ish, madness. Sure enough he finished in front of Ruby but could only manage a well beaten 3rd all the same. Drop him back to a quickly run 2M or 2M2F at the Punchestown or Fairyhouse big meetings and I think he'll skate in, like Dr Whizz he'll be a high enough price too I reckon. Just need the big jockeys to stay away from them.

And quickly went through the stats for Englands tour of Bangladesh starting on Sunday. One massive point, of the last 17 ODIs played there, theyve ALL been won by the side thats chasing. There must be a huge dew factor, but sure youre only guessing what conditions will be like until you see them you know. One thing though, if Capitan Cook wins the toss and decides to bat first given those stats it will be the biggest head in hands man moment ever! Hopefully they drop Denly and open with Kieswetter, have him play wicket keeper as well and then play an extra bowler, spinner if you bowl first because the pitches out there will suit spin, very hard to bowl with a wet ball if youre bowling second so again if Cook says "we'll have a bat mate" after the toss he'll go down as the biggest plonker going, 17 out of 17 FFS, surely someone in the England staff will know. If not, I'm available, I'm not English so I presume that gives me great marks already going for the interview..

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