Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Lalit Modi (IPL Chairman) seems like hes having a mental breakdown on twitter as we speak (I think!).

"If a few players play into the hands of the fica and not show up - no issues. We will allow replacement for those who decide not to show up. They risk being in future IPL. The call will be there's"

"Been told Ricky Ponting pressuring players not to come. Maybe its due to the fact he was dropped from KKR."

SERIOUSLY. Who the fook does he think he is having a go there!

Ponting is retired from 20/20. And Ponting went to India with Australia and I believe they whipped them in the ODIs, Ponting is one of the greatest players alive, what has Modi ever done?

Hes had about 30 tweets in 20 minutes, all having a go at someone or something. I think the word I'm looking for to describe him is.. SEETHING.

Anyway, India currently playing Saffers at the moment, on 219-2 with Sachin there in the 120s, I'm not involved yet. Having seen the pitch, outfield, bowlers and batting lineups, any score is possible, this could be 400 plays 400. If there was ever a time not to lump on a short price with a high score this is it..


EDIT at 1-00PM. What an absolute pleasure to see Sachin make 200, never been done before in a ODI, amazing to watch it happen live. As expected India get 400, ground is small, pitch is like a snooker table, outfield is lightning. I'm happy to lay a bit of 1.18 here, think the Saffers will make a fight of it. Ideally I'd like to be around 80-0 after 10 overs, or if one of the openers wants to try hit 50 off 20 balls then gets out thats fine by me too (Gibbs). Happy with taking on the Indian bowling (whats new!) on a flat pitch. If it goes straight to 1.01 I'll have no complaints either.


Didnt see them sending in Van Der Merwe (a hit and hope bloke) so early, two wickets down, were still at 1.16/1.17 to back. Will see what happens now for a bit. Two key players there now. Funnily enough the RRR has come down since the start, just need to keep wickets without doing anything stupid.


Amla gone. I'm gone out of the market. Theyre 14 runs ahead of where India where at this point. No idea why they think they need to slog every ball, pitch is still perfect just play normal and it goes for 4.


Market is unreal jumpy to support the Saffers! RRR isnt a problem, its the batting attitude that is, if they start looking for singles and twos, I'd be on them again, not now though.


Saffers shot to pieces here, Duminy plays down the wrong line, Petersen goes for a slog and misses straight through. Glad I got out for a near half loss when I did, theyve really gone about this the wrong way, 400 is a massive score though so I suppose they had reason. Booked the loss and off out for the Inter v Chelsea game.


  1. Quick question..... why didn't you go equal red when you were trading out?

  2. Only a personal view but theres not much point in the 1.0x's, €50 at 1.08 = €4. For the shake of having an awe-red book or that one last inch of hope (even though I know it wont happen), I'd pay the €4. There'll be the odd time it works, like the darts at Christmas!