Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, things were going well until Zaarito ran, god knows what Condon was doing, I'm not one for jockey bashing but jaysus it looked very strange. You know, if somethings amiss or he isnt happy with how hes travelling just pull up, but to just hunt around at the back not touching him looks awful for the sport. I'm not saying he was a non trier, I dont think he was, I just think it was mad what he done, never seen anything like it.

Apart from that was alright, only doing Punchestown in running and a small few pre-off bets, not bothering with the other meetings.

Horse Racing: €30.08 Total P&L: €30.08

I've previewed tomorrows meeting for Paddy Power, so if anyone wants to read it/abuse me/laugh when they lose you can do so here..
My usual waffle! It looks a pretty hard day but still real good racing, hardest day of the week for winners though I reckon.

And just found out my first exam is on Saturday at 9-30, SATURDAY! Do they not know who I am, a racing mans Saturday FFS. Seeeething.

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