Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Week..

Just sort out the weeks screen shot, have my accounting exam tomorrow, want the computer and TV off before the IPL starts, Pro40 is in the 1.1s already before the second innings start so thats no good to me (Worcestershire still shite), the things I have to do to make myself study! I'm shocked at how little I care, it gets less an less each semester..

Anyway, been a good week, the idea of just focusing on certain stuff and leaving the rest is the way forward I reckon. What I'm most happy about, isnt the fact its been a good week this one, its that when things went tits up and somewhat wrong I've managed to keep level and relaxed about it, so that now things have went somewhat right its all profit and not just making up for donk losses during the bad times.

I've three exams next week I think so it'll be fairly blank on the gambling front.

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