Monday, June 21, 2010

Gillette Seething!

Henry handball and making a general mug of himself in the World Cup.

Tiger and all his ridin' and now playing like a mug.

And now Federer 2-1 down (after being 2-0 down) and a break, against an unknown.


PS. Annoyed over Tiger last night, if he had only went around in par he won have nearly won it. Sunday at a major, everyone else dropping shots, the old Tiger would have eaten 'em for breakfast. The old Tiger would have never three putted on the first either. Had a right chuckle at the Johnson meltdown, never seen the likes of it.

Amazing how much of sport is in the head though, mental strength is obviously not there yet after all the stuff thats happened. On the positive side, at least I wont have to fly to London to collect. Negative side is I was going back next week anyway!

Market on the Fed game is fascinating, it doesnt *believe* that he can actually lose..

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