Monday, June 21, 2010

Never In Doubt..

The Bank Of Fedex today announced that it was staying on in the UK for the foreseeable future after rumors from the Betfair Seethers United Incorporation that it was seeking to relocate to Greece in search of a European bailout plan. Mr Federer commented "Finnish? I am Swiss, shut up!"

I wasnt actually at home today, was in my Grandads visiting on a Monday as usual, actually thought I was watching a replay or something when I saw the market at 1.4 when he was 2-0 down. I'm not a big tennis punter so my opinion isnt exactly shrewd but is that not a mad price..? I suppose he won in the end so you could argue the market knew, I wouldnt be too keen backing 1.4 shots 2-0 down though as a longterm plan. I lost a fiver on the womens matches too, feckin' women eh, ya never know what theyre up to.

Not much doing on the cricket tonight with an innings SP of 1.17, but nicked a tenner on wicket bounce outs.

Cricket: €11.39 | Tennis: €65.38 Total P&L: €76.77

On a bit of a deep run in PLO at the moment, were in and around the bubble now after the break but I'm sitting 9th, hoping for top three as it pays €1,000+, never been this far in a tournament, I am shitting it, seriously!


12-20AM. Busto, out in 13th, was in 4th when there was 32 left but wasnt to be. Best I've ever done though and a few quid into the tank anyway. I had JJA7 v QQK2, flop 666, they all went in.. time for bed.


  1. Hi Stephen,

    Been reading the blog for months. Surprised you dont trade tennis more. Would suit your style of trading imo. Anyway, good luck and keep up the blog.


  2. I'll give Wimbledon a bash and see how it goes, I think its more the time part of it on the normal tour that puts me off. It'll clash with another sport or whatever..

    See how Wimbledon goes anyway, thanks for the comment.