Friday, September 17, 2010


Been struggling to get things to click for the past few days, without losing too much but not doing anything great. Probably always gonna lose when Pak win a game so no complaints there, traded it muggish whole game too - but when on the wrong team things are always difficult I suppose. Eng done a Pak, 17 for the last 5!

Am happy for Pak to win a game though, I like them, besides all the madness and trouble, theyre interesting to watch anyway.

Still, only €30 behind on the week to here and thats probably an achievement because I've been poor enough, the markets I've won on have been handed to me basically with wrong odds with Indian teams involved, everything else has been well short of the mark. Backing 1.6 shots that go to 1.5 the other side, backing 1.4 that goes 1.6 other side, that sort of stuff, have gotten out of most of them the best I can though so thats a plus. Just struggling to find the opposite swingers this week.


  1. Unlucky today Stephen, Pakistan were probably due to win a game but I was still surpised. The new-look England don't usually collapse like that. Got to love Pakistan despite all the controversy and sometimes comical antics on the pitch, what with Shoaib Akhtar still streaming in to bowl despite looking like he's going to collapse in exhaustion at any minute and their fielding alone is just pure entertainment.

    Any early thoughts on the Ashes? personally think this will be one of the strongest England sides in a long-time to go down under. Hoping for another competitive, classic series and I think it may just be that. Can't wait!

  2. Agree, cant wait its gonna be a cracker!

    I'm not sure who has a better chance, think both sides pretty evenly matched but obviously being at home a massive advantage. Eng have had problems with their batting all summer, and Pak have probably made them look a bit better than they are IMO. But not a fantastic Aus side either, I'd edge towards Aus but it real 50/50!

  3. We'll see how Australia go in India, but IMO (as an Australia) this will be the weakest Australian side in 10 years at least.