Tuesday, November 16, 2010

God Loves A Trier.. Take Two

I now wish someone had told Pak that too FFS! 7.5 an over needed off 14 with only 3 wickets down, get 9 off the previous over including a six.. and then shake hands, why not even try at least a little longer even. The market rated Pak around 11 - 13 and Saffers were 100+, so you have say a 10/1 chance of winning v 100/1 chance of losing (I would normally say teams wouldnt see the market but sure its Pak they know odds..!), cant believe they didnt go for it, considering the score they had to get and how close they were, amazed that wouldnt appeal. Even if they didnt do it, obviously one in ten chance, but try for a few more overs after getting 9 off the last one and then give up when it looks impossible. Confused, but still Younis Khan is pure class, its not too much of a jump to say they probably would have finished all out without him.

That said, I was moaning not hanging on to Saffers Sunday, would have lost more if I did in the end. I havent seen anything in the India game but got €7 off that, 4AM is too much to ask, 5-00 is my limit I think.

Anyway, on the topic of being confused about stuff.. why is Ruud Van Nistlerooy now working for RTE news?


  1. Hi Stephen, got any thoughts on early bets before The Ashes start? I've been looking at the top batting and bowling markets although it's always a bit of risk with the chance of injuries or not being selected throughout for all the tests. Although England's side look pretty much nailed on with Bell getting the nod over Morgan it appears.

    Don't know if you bet on these martkets but I would be interested to hear your views.

  2. Nope dont bet on those markets! I might not even have a go on the match odds because have daytime commitments and cant do the all-nighters.

    I fancy England to win tbh but they have such a poor record is difficult to back them.