Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'll save everyone the rant, sure you all know how bad the site has been this week. In fact, I think that statement is worse than actually having to explain how bad they are - everyone already knows.

Because of my style, the outages arent the end of the world, but someone whos trading off a stop loss rather than a max liability is completely fecked though. I'm sure everyone uses internet banking in some shape or form, I practically use it every day, and its been down once in all my time with an account, once! Betfair has been crashing once a day this weekend FFS. Unacceptable from such a big company with peoples money on the line.

Speaking of online banking, I now have exactly €4 in my laser account for this week. Finnish? No, transfered - its to stop me having any pre-off bets on Cheltenham. I have good discipline generally but I know theres gonna be one or two next week where I'll be going "well, its worth 20 quid.." No, no it isnt worth 20 quid. So that solves that. I havent studied any form whatsoever, I was looking at the markets on Betfair today, in the Arkle - I've only ever seen two horses race, Realt Dubh and Mikael Dhaguenet, never even heard of the rest of them. I'll probably get a good bit of stick this week, but I'm not a sap you know - my loyalty lies with money, not racing, and it has become unprofitable last year so thats it really. I'd be a mug to keep betting on something and lose just for the "love" of it, I'll have some sort of dash at in-running to see what the story is and that'll be it.

Anyway, onto my stressful Saturday, I was lucky in the sense that when we crashed, the market was exactly where I had laid at the time and I had Kallis and Amla there (if you could pick two cricketers they'd be high on the list to have in such events), so I wasnt *too* bothered initially..

Then, it comes back for two balls, settles at around 1.6 and I'm just thinking what to do, then goes again.. next ball? Wicket. The poor new desk got his first punch god love him (and I'm normally a very calm person!). Checked oddschecker to see India at 30/100 - 2/7 and thought FFS not depositing €500 into a bookies for 2/7 and decided to hold tight. The site never came back after that, but Saffers won, so I was happy-ish in the end, stressful but alright. If it was a bookies I'd be screaming "Feck you! Get in!" but its Betfair so theres no one to scream at. Horrible watching it though, especially when it went after the wicket, but I suppose the max liability style suits over a stop loss - green point.

I dont have any facts, just my feeling, but Betfair has always been bad in the run up to Cheltenham. Always seem to recall at least one crash the week or so before Cheltenham, I'd be of the opinion that it'll be fine for the big event, and theyve been fiddling around the servers lately to gear up for it (just my view no facts). They also moved offshore this week so that might have something to do with it - "Any further use of our site, or services relating to it, will constitute acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions by you. This change means that from the above time, you will be contracting with a licensed betting operator (TSE (Gibraltar) LP) within the Betfair group which is based in Gibraltar, and not Betfair Ltd, as was the case before. TSE (Gibraltar) LP’s activities will be governed by Gibraltar gambling regulations." Lucky they dont have to pay much tax anymore because they'll need the extra cash with all these crashes!

Looking forward to events next week anyway to see what happens, my money is on no crash but we'll see.


  1. Very interested in your previous post about getting no "buzz" from the horses any more. I am trying to trade also (mainly on horses) but find that my previous love for racing is becoming more and more diluted as I learn to trade. I get out of a market before the off, I don't even check the results (afraid of being tempted in play. Not even watching the racing tomorrow but may record them for the evening time. I wonder is it progress in your trading mindset that the result is no longer relevant only for financial purposes ?

  2. My problem was the quality and field size mainly, plus my issue with Betfair opening in-running market six seconds before the off on ATR but NOT suspending it six seconds before the finish.

    I mainly played the place market but win market also, small fields were awful boring and terrible for place betting. And then we had/have such poor quality racing Monday/Tuesday and they seem to put any half decent race on a weekend.

    I just lost the stomach to study form and then lost interest watching it, then obviously its nearly impossible to win but I was level for a while (only lost €400 whole of last year), but such time and effort goes into it, only when I stopped I noticed my other sports have taken off when they received the same amount of time.

    I think trading its good to have no emotions because youre not doing it for horses youre doing it for the markets, but in-running you have to have some sort of love for the game to do the grind every day. Its hard to know, I just fell out of love with the game out of boredom most days, I hate all weather too which doesnt help obviously when theres a meeting every day.

    I do think if youre just pre-off and only care about the markets rather than the horses its a good thing not to care, but not caring in-running isnt a good thing at all haha!

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