Friday, April 17, 2009


Just back from a long jog, quite possibly one of the most frustrating days trading cricket I've ever had. I'm sure people thought I was mad jogging the streets talking to myself at nine on a friday night. Traded the Saffers and Australia match and was going fantastic, had €600 green Saffers and €80 red Aussies, refuse to go all green and let it ride. Then wickets start falling and the Aussies go 1.45, I lay that and it bounces back to evens and I'm sitting on €1,600 green on the Saffers with a little-ish red on the Aussies after taking some of the evens.

Still refuse to go all green, the Saffers fall apart and I end up taking 1.07 on the Aussies to get €20 out of it. People may say well so what you've won, but jesus I sat here all afternoon and traded myself into a great position and because I was too greedy I mess it up. Completely my fault I didnt win over €500 when it was there in front of me for the taking but I was greedy, horrible feeling after, but the jog got it out of my system hopefully. A lesson learned to always take your green when trading cricket, it really is a sport were anything can happen, I normally do always take equal profit thats what hurts the most right now.

Still playing the horses poorly again and gave up after three races, just going through a bad patch it seems but I've got to play myself out of it and thats the only thing you can do. The tennis bet was €500 on Nadal at 1.03 in Monte Carlo to win his match today, on him for the tournament aswell.

Cricket: EUR18.39 | Horse Racing: EUR4.72 | Tennis: EUR14.28 Total P&L: EUR37.39

Word from Ballydoyle this morning is that Mastercraftsman didnt work too well, nothing to be worried about I dont think though. I'm still in the Rip Van Winkle camp and wouldnt be too worried who Johnny rides.


  1. Great blog Stephen keep it up! I don't follow cricket at all but you defo seem to know ur stuff and that seems so frustrating, greed is a horrible thing! But tell me something, can you really justify putting down €500 to win a measely €14?? Even if its a sure thing is there not a slight doubt in your mind that something could go wrong? For me I would rather lay him at that price and then see if he drifts in running and then back him at watever price. If he doesn't drift no harm, you've lost a few euro and you'll not think about it again, but if he was to lose having only backed him or say he has to retire...well then it would be something you'd never forget!?

    Ps are you at all concerned with the way Ballydoyle horses are running? I'm sure come Guinea's they'll be fine but are they slightly behind this year? Have a decent bet on Master from just before his run in the National stakes hope he's ok...I just don't see the fuss over Rip Van at all!

  2. Cheers.

    Yeah I completely understand where youre coming from and I wouldnt do that bet on any other player bar Nadal. I think it was 3-3 in the first set and I was happy he was the better player and going to win, if he didnt win you just have to accept it and move on these things happen. Its not a bet I'd have before the match started, at those odds I wouldnt be too keen but after seeing how things went I was comfortable with the bet at the time and had no worries.

    Erm the Ballydoyle horses are a little behind but nothing that isnt the norm at this stage of the season. I think AP plans to have them like this really, I'd be a little worried if the fancied ones start getting beaten though. I've only been told to back a Ballydoyle horse three times so far this season.

    Rockhampton at Leopardstown who won, Aristocrat at The Curragh (5/4 into 4/7) who finished 5th and Rockhampton again at Newmarket wednesday where I thought Johnny left it a tad late to ask him a question. The horses are needing the first run.

    Leopardstown sunday might give you a good idea of the overall form, Poet (whos been working well) is having his second run and he'd want to be winning or finishing second to Three Rocks, Fame and Glory whos a derby hope and Stately Home an un-raced 3yo who has been working amazingly. If they all finished out of the placings I'd be a bit worried.

    Actually got a text saying Mastercraftsman wasnt going to even run in the 2000G yesterday and clicked on the market and he was 20/1, didnt know what was going on! I really like Rip Van Winkle, the way he moves he does everything easy, wouldnt bother me at all who Johnny picks and I think the way hes riding at the moment having backed Rip I'd like him to ride Master!