Monday, April 20, 2009


Wont waffle on too much as it was a fairly quiet half day, have to say I was pretty stupid on the cricket, but it was a 1.01 train of sorts and I ever play them well. Jumped on at 1.6 and off at 1.34 Chennai but then reversed and put €50 red on them and about €350 green on Bangalore. With 20/20 cricket I always think there might be a bounce out of the odds and you can green for a healthy profit, but they never went over 1.4 after I reversed and I was left feeling a little silly having been €50 green with the last trade. Theres a time and place for dipping in and out of the market, I was green so early in the match and I couldnt sit on my hands for the rest of it which is disappointing in regards to discipline. Had a place lay picked out for Tramore this evening and sure enough it finished 6th so that was good and gets back the silly cricket loss, nice to have a good winning day on the horses on Betfair, feels like ages since I had one.

Cricket: -EUR50.00 | Horse Racing: EUR95.20 Total P&L: EUR45.20

Also if anyone wants to leave a comment.. What does everyone think about sex with twins? My mate was telling me the other day that hes been having sex with his girlfriend, and her twin. Pretty keen on the idea I was wondering how he could tell them apart really, asked him and he said "oh its easy, her brothers got a moustache!" Hes always been a bit weird..

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