Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Uneventful day on Betfair and just back from Fairyhouse, played some races in running before I left and it went OK-ish, nothing amazing and all done on auto-pilot. The cricket was laying England before the match started, then thinking "oh hang on I've just backed the West Indies again, shit!" so backed England back for the same amount I laid, luckily a few ticks higher, the market was all over the place before the toss. Betdaq went offline again today! Saffers were 1.03 at the time and I didnt have a bet so no damage done, thats twice in two days though thats happened.

Cricket: EUR15.30 | Horse Racing: EUR24.80 Total P&L: EUR40.10

Actually really happy with todays P&L, if I could have a day like today every day with no stress, get out in the sun for most of it and still win €40 I'd be a pretty happy man overall. Fairyhouse went well too. I'm pretty happy with life in the main as it stands, but the less stress the less grey hair I'll have when I'm 40, some days I like the swings but cant have everyday like that. Anyway I'm 21 tomorrow! Wont be around from tonight until Sunday night, I'm bringing the laptop over to Epsom as theres a few things I want to bet on and its handy to have anyway, cant see myself having much time though, but will update the challenge with the screen shot on Sunday. Wont be doing a horse to follow for those days either. Hopefully I might get a bit of time in the mornings to update, but just incase no post for four days I havent lost my whole bank and jumped off a bridge. COME ON FAME AND GLORY!

If Fame And Glory does actually win the Derby, it will actually be the happiest moment of my life. For so many reasons, it just would.

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