Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back From Epsom

What a weekend, dont think anyone can complain about the Derby, the winner was very impressive. As for the gambling - well it went OK over the few days but one losing day on Betfair yesterday over €100, which was pretty annoying because it was a stupid bet on the India 20/20 game. Wasnt able to trade any of my bets just do them over the phone in running so delighted with the results on Betdaq, picked a few winners. Come on the West Indies!

I go away for a few days and look what happens, male cheerleaders at the cricket, terrible! Backed the West Indies to beat the Aussies and really enjoyed the highlights, Chris Gayle is THE daddy! They are my favourite team even though they annoy me so much! Theyre fantastic when theyre bothered to try to win. And still in shock Holland beat England, got to watch that match and you could see it coming really the way the Dutch were teeing off, I dont blame Stuart Van Broaden for the way he bowled the last over though, thought he was good actually and he had to throw it to win the game. Really looking forward to the game this evening, not sure what to do really, because how can you trust either team.

As for Englands problems - well theyve no power hitters, that seems to be the main thing and their bowlers arent bomb proof, theres always a chance of them going around the park when a team attacks them. But in my mind they have a 20/20 team that must always chase, always chase, always chase, always chase! They cant set a proper total because they dont know what it is. Jimmy Anderson is a fantastic bowler, but when batsmen come forward to him hes no good, same with most of the bowlers when Freddie isnt there. The funny thing with England is when you actually look at the team without KP and Freddie theres no one scary there to the other teams, theres no one you can look at and say 'well hes gonna play well, hes gonna hit a few sixes or hes gonna take a wicket.'

Anyway, all that said I am actually a closet England cricket fan and I hope they win later. Why are they odds on though! On Betfair for the day today so have the screen shot from Betdaq for the last few days below and will put up the weeks Betfair one as usual tonight and update the total. Long evening ahead with plenty of sport!

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