Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Another steady day, and another winning day! Nice result on Betdaq with the Ireland innings runs, started off laying 140 and just kept coming down as the game went along. Tomorrow should be interesting, I reckon Ireland could give New Zealand a good game, would rather Ireland be chasing though, New Zealand missing a few players and our bowling is fairly good, its the batting that needs help but the New Zealand bowlers arent fantastic I suppose. Would fancy Ireland ten times more if chasing. And the England v Saffers match should be a cracker, its hard to see the Saffers being beaten, they look to have everything but England can beat anyone on a going day. Also, thought the West Indies did really well getting so close to the target as they did today without Gayle, still think their the dark horses.

As for Betfair, well the horses ended up being a small loss - losing on one market. Seriously, the market in running these days demands perfection from your betting, its slightly annoying that when I'm right I rarely get matched for everything I ask for and when I'm wrong its taken completely, I know that sounds obvious but taken before getting the chance to cancel, but thats the game.

Cricket: EUR8.57 | Horse Racing: -EUR26.76 Total P&L: -EUR18.19

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