Thursday, June 11, 2009


Unbelievably painful shoulder at the moment so keeping things low key for the time being, even though I made it to Leopardstown this evening wasnt really betting as such - delighted I wasnt with the results! So not much profit today but a profit none the
less of just under €20, had a big loss on Betdaq first thing with the Irish game though.

Jesus it was embarrassing at times watching them field, bowl and run between the wickets. I know New Zealand are by far the better team but simple things like running your bat in, one Irish fella was jogging slowly down the track and all of a sudden hes run out looking like a right fool. And while we were bowling, the amount of twos we gave away was terrible, I suppose we can only improve at cricket. You'd surely think we'd be good at it given nearly everyone plays hurling, slightly annoying too that England take all our good players and then dont play them! Joyce and Morgan sit on their bench while they could be playing for us, I'd choose to play for England too in cricket terms but surely playing must be important to them.

Anyway as far as the challenge goes, I know and can feel I'm still in poor touch so its slow and steady for the time being without much risk hopefully! Royal Ascot is on next week and I cannot wait, the other half booked the flights this afternoon, should be a cracking week. Seriously hope it doesnt rain because I've only got one suit!

Cricket: EUR20.01 Total P&L: EUR20.01

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