Friday, June 12, 2009


Wont say much as theres someone here and heading out, just waiting for the last at Navan to be run to post. Absolutely delighted the West Indies won! Messed up a bit in the first match laying Sri Lanka at the wrong time but it didnt cost much. Laid India when Gayle went, only because they came down to under 1.3 with so long to go in the game - that was my first time entering the market too.

Cricket: EUR68.74 | Horse Racing: EUR73.20 Total P&L: EUR141.94

Also, withdrew all my money out of betdaq this morning to have on my laser card for Royal Ascot next week so wont be betting there for the next while, until I come back at least. Spent the morning looking at a system for odds on favourites which I might do on Betdaq - keep it on its own, bit weird the first 15 lost today though! But it'll be just Betfair for the next week or two, with a bank of €400 or so at the moment.

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