Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Pretty much a perfect day, no stress, no worries, nice weather, nice results, nice dinner, and also went looking at apartments this morning - nice to see whats out there, we have a semi-detached house at the moment but being 21 and naturally lazy an apartment would be much handier I reckon. Its a long way off but the prices of the house and apartment are about the same so no worries with money getting loans etc, something to think about for myself anyway.

Not much to explain really as regards the challenge, the daily Irish horse won, the cricket was a mismatch plus a 1.01 train and the tennis was a canny bit of trading on the Sharapova match. Lots of flip flops there so nothing amazing, but the first bet was laying Dulko around 1.6, cant really remember what score it was at the time but Sharapova came down to 1.5 for me to go all green, first bet at Wimbledon 2009 was a winner! Just one of those nice days everything went right, without having to do much.

Cricket: EUR21.30 | Horse Racing: EUR68.92 | Tennis: EUR60.04 Total P&L: EUR150.26

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