Thursday, June 25, 2009


Another nice solid day following on from yesterday. Bit of trading on a few tennis matches, not much though just feeling my way into Wimbledon, I dont normally trade tennis too much. Did the womens cricket match today and managed to win just under €50, while I won €0.68 on the mens match - womens cricket is the future! The mens game was an incredibly difficult game to trade in fairness with Lancashire 1.03 after their innings getting 220, I laid it for €500 because it was a good pitch, then it went to 1.01 to lay but luckily enough it came back out to 1.03 for me to get out with no damage.

Its funny how when things are generally going well you get all the lucky breaks, when I got out at 1.03 a wicket fell the very next ball! Two weeks ago the exact opposite was happening, I'd back a team and they'd lose a wicket. Funny old game this gambling stuff. The daily horse won as well so got a few quid off Paddy Power, not a great price at 8/13 but sets me up nicely going into an important weekend on The Curragh, for confidence more than anything else.

Cricket: EUR49.28 | Tennis: EUR33.35 Total P&L: EUR82.63

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