Saturday, June 27, 2009


Went out for a meal last night with the girlfriend so the P&L is the last two days, havent really got anywhere with a profit of a few cent under €40, still better than losing though! Played the cricket game in England brilliant yesterday getting €150 all green, while go and lose most of it on the West Indies v India game later, couldnt believe how India were so low. Had to go out and left the bet running, not sure if I'd have won or not had I traded it until it finished, I had €1,500 plus green on Windies and -€113 on India, all ifs buts and maybes what I would have done.

Was at The Curragh today so no bets on Betfair throughout the day, gutted with how I played the GAA when I came back though. Backed Antrim at all prices from 1.7 down to 1.11, they traded at 1.06 leading by six points with 15 minutes to go, the thought went through my head to go all green for nearly €170 but stupidly left it. I could feel the game turning, Cavan trying to score a goal and Antrim were bottling it, I was being greedy letting it run, sure enough the goal came and Cavan got it down to a two point game, I was able to get out at the same price but basically threw away a good position being greedy, Antrim went on to win to make it worse! A lot can be said for greening up, no matter what the situation in a game is.

Lost €100 to the bookies over the last two days too, with the two daily horses losing, got chinned on the line today! Heartbreaking because I thought he won from were I was in the stand, but looking back at the race I think the best horse won.

Cricket: EUR34.42| Gaelic Games: EUR4.87 Total P&L: EUR39.29

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