Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gambling Is So Very Easy Its Unbelievable

Read this..

I laughed. A lot. Its mad! Also, for anyone that reads the Betfair forum (I dont post), the first comment from Money Tree, a forum legend, is priceless and I had tears in my eyes reading some of them!

Anyway, after reading this I've popped down to the local bank and got a loan of €20,000. I'm going to start laying favourites tomorrow for €1,000 each and an outsider in case the favourite wins. It wont though because I'm the daddy and I'll pick the losers, its easy. Then after a few wins I'll lay for a few million because I am indeed fantastic at this gambling lark!

Erm, laying Binocular at 6/4 for 1.5 Million, I was in Cheltenham, was there even that amount matched at 2.5? I'm seething with jealously here, although it seems I've found a new hero, a great man, a man to look up to, a man I could only wish to become.

Seriously joking aside, I genuinely feel sorry for any person who reads this and has opened a Betfair account today to lay favourites, we all know its not easy to win, we all know the figures talked about are insane! No mention of premium charge either, I honestly hope this isnt Betfair. Its not fair on people who have never used Betfair to read stuff like this. But anyway if it is true, I wish he'd put a bit of money into the Irish markets! And good luck to him, I found it very funny anyway.

This was my favourite bit "ELLIOTT'S tips - CHOOSE favourites in short distance sprints - like five furlongs. "A short race is always congested and the favourite can get hemmed in. It's a real lottery." No more betting in sprints, I'm sticking to scratch cards! Cant believe this was in a national paper today!

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