Thursday, July 2, 2009


Yesterday evening was pretty annoying to be honest with Betfair not working, never noticed how much I check the P&L each day, you never know what you have until its gone! Was frustrating to not know where you are during the day and having to guess, probably the most annoying thing was the markets not loading though. Ended up losing around €90, I still think I was near level at one stage and maybe I would have stopped had I of known, but the real damage was done laying Murray at 1.17 when down a break in the 2nd set and then being stuck with it as he started to play well straight after.

Its a weird feeling when youre trading after you'd had a loss on the every next market, I was calm enough but at the same time at the back of your head youre always thinking to win back the money lost straight away. It might be classed as chasing but I dont see it as chasing when youre greening out etc and doing things normally as you would. But I had a position of being able to go €80 all green on the Hewitt v Roddick, but instead went for €160 Hewitt and €8 Roddick, trying to get back the €150 I lost, I should have been happy with the €80 all green. This only occured to me today because trading the exact same way as yesterday, and I've being going equal green. Its something I've been working on for ages and ages, trying to not let the market thats just gone before effect the next one, its very hard.

Aside from that slip up, its been a pretty good two days. The two daily horses won, I think I've given up on the in running, its got to the stage were I cant sit down and do it all day without it driving me insane through lack of getting matched. Bit disappointed that I broke a few rules away from the challenge today, got the same tip from three different people, said to myself at the start of the flat season to never back two year olds first time out and I never normally back tips, no idea why I did today and threw away a few quid. The main thing with gambling is to trust yourself, rightly or wrongly.

Darts: EUR3.39 | Horse Racing: EUR152.96 | Tennis: -EUR48.33 Total P&L: EUR108.02

Looking ahead to the weekend, Kilkenny play Dublin in the Leinster Hurling final on Sunday, I've been waiting for two weeks to see the handicap lines. Kilkenny are certiantys to win the match, no surer thing in Ireland but you wont get very rich backing them at 1/20. Most bookies seem to have settled on the handicap being Kilkenny -12pts / Dublin +12pts, with both being 10/11. I seriously think Kilkenny are 20pts or more better than Dublin, but Paddy Power go 1/2 Kilkenny -9pts and I'm thinking of having my biggest bet of the GAA season so far on this. Dublin are no more than an average Hurling team, although will have home advantage in front of around 80,000 I'd say. That wont bother Kilkenny though as theyve been here and done it all before every year at this stage winning the last three all Irelands and honestly they look unbeatable, so impressive pulling it out against Galway on a small country pitch last time that wouldnt have suited and that could possibly turn out to be their strongest test this year, if Galway played Dublin I'd put Galway down at around 4/11 - 30/100 and Kilkenny beat them handy enough in the end even though they were missing a few top players. Dublin beat a poor Wexford team and bar a really, really fantastic start by Dyblin and get the crowd up behind them, Kilkenny should walk this by 20pts or more. That might sound like a lot, look back at the last Kilkenny finals, they are ruthless, I've a few days to think more about it anyway.

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