Friday, July 10, 2009


Had an alright day, lost €100 on Emperor Claudius in Newmarket and apart from that everything went pretty much as planned. Might have won more on the cricket had I kept my bottle on the session runs lines but to win over €100 by going all green each time isnt bad, if things went pear shaped I'd be annoyed like. It was just a small regret in the evening because it rained, I went all green as the covers were coming off but then less than two minutes later they came back on and I was kind of "ah why did I go and do that."

Still finding it hard to make much money in running on the horses and as a rule I normally dont do weekends, more times than not Betfair goes kaput or is too slow, plus theres other sport on too. Got €75 off Ladbrokes off the daily horse so the horse P&L isnt as bad as it looks on Betfair. I'm also seething Seamie got four days for his ride on Drumbeat, alright it wasnt the best but look back at the Irish 2000G and you'd have called him the winner two furlongs out, I said the horse was dodgy earlier today. They all let the leader go off too far in front, its not like Drumbeat was making lengths and lengths when Seamie pulled him out.

Went all red in the test too, GSM the draw I reckon, unless England bottle it batting for a draw on the last day, but for that to happen Australia would have to post a big enough score and with the weather forecast tomorrow it doesnt look like they'll get the time, anyway who cares I'm all red they can do what they like.

Cricket: EUR145.33 | Horse Racing: -EUR83.86 Total P&L: EUR61.47

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