Sunday, July 19, 2009


Havent had a bet today bar the test match. And after giving up after the 5th wicket went down I'm delighted to be able to get rid of a red on England. But Michael Clarke, what a hero! Dont really want to talk about what might happen tomorrow because I might jinx it, but I said earlier all I wanted was one big partnership and I got it so I cant be too disappointed whatever happens now. Was unlucky a few wickets that were given out when they werent, but to be fair they looked "out" in real time, and Straussy said he caught it so what can you do. (He didnt though the lying fooker!) Not sure what to do with my book at the moment, going to sleep on it and then see how I feel. I could go €400 all green but I want to let it run.

My first bet was €200 on at 11.5, and through topping up at 25, I've nearly the same green I had with the first bet with no loss on the other results now. So I'm leaning more towards letting it run, I said all they have to do is bat time to win, but lose an early wicket tomorrow and I dont know that might be it. But its a chance to win €1,800 for nothing. Whatever about the Aussie lads being tired from batting, I'm tired from just clicking refresh. Out for a meal and a few drinks, my nerves are shot after seeing off the new ball with them this evening!

Just watching the end of the golf here and its very sad to see Tom Watson making a few mistakes, I'd say if I'd had a bet on it I would have laid the winner, no idea what price or how but I normally lay the winner in golf. Anyway, its Sunday so heres the screen shot for the week, been a quiet week again but happy I'm sticking to my main sports and thats been the most pleasing thing, bit gutted the mix up with Betfair on the Yorks game makes it a losing week though.

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