Thursday, July 23, 2009


Dont have time to say much, just back from Leopardstown, the last winner got me out of trouble to come out level. Still seriously annoyed Roan Inish was allowed to run after what happened her in the stalls, it was kaput before the race even started. I'd say about 10 times out of 10 when the stalls open a horses bolts out, but Roan Inish didnt, why? Because she had her foot stuck over the side of the stalls thats why! I felt a bit sorry for her when Kevin pushed her to the front straight after the break, he gave her a harder race than was needed after what had happened, she didnt look to be enjoying it at all. Good horse but that might have ruined her. Calmed down a little now but I was seriously pissed off watching it happen. Casual Conquest wasnt good enough no issues there and Cape Blanco looked really good! But still needed the last one to win to get to level for the night even after backing the first winner too, lost a good few trebles, doubles and trixies. I should stop doing them really but my eyes light up with the returns if it clicks, I'll have to stop.

The U19 cricket went well this morning, unexpectedly! England were 1.05 to chase down 192 I think, about that anyway, it looked really short and I just took it on in hope more than anything else. They ended up losing! I was cuffed to lay a 1.05 loser, went all green for €225 at one stage just before the flip flop. If it had of been a more important game I might have had a massive green but I was delighted with €225 off a game I wasnt expecting money off. Theres a lot of reasons to lay short prices on one day cricket though, even if the 1.1ish goes out to the 1.2s its still a fantastic trade, you dont lose much either if it goes kaput.

Cricket: EUR215.95 | Horse Racing: EUR159.94 Total P&L: EUR375.89


  1. Absolutely shocking that she was allowed to run after that incident!! looked horrible on tv.

    casual conquest looks a difficult horse to get right! he has great form in the locker and That was disappointing really as his form is head and shoulder above that lot tonight, Although the winner is pretty progressive and improving.

    Great result on the cricket, looks a great sport to trade? Might have to start having a look at doing a game or 2? Any advice on how not to have a disaster on it? lol

    onwards and upwards


  2. Imagine what it feels like to breed and own Roan Inish ? It might take a little longer to calm down . This sort of thing should never be allowed the horse should have been inspected by a vet and withdrawn Punters and connections got a raw deal.

  3. Completely agree, I'm not sure whos it up to down at the start? Surely Kevin has to have some say after what happened in the stalls?

    James its a great sport to trade, have a look at a few Pro40 games and start there, start small and feel your way into it. Theres no real rules I can tell you, you just have to get a feel for which way the game is going.

    My rules are dont bet while the first innings are on, and when I'm laying or backing its not because the team I think is going to win or lose, its about where the odds will go in the next few minutes. But in the main dont panic and chase the market, just feel your way into it, theres lots of time in a Pro40 game.

  4. That Cape Blanco is a Group 1 Animal for sure....I think the National Stakes will be his next target.

    AOB has had some very smart 2yr olds out so far been very impressed.