Friday, July 24, 2009


Wont say much, just about to settle down and watch a film with the girlfriend and had a few glasses of wine already. Good day today, funny old game, I was talking the other day about lacking confidence well today I was oozing confidence and basically everything went perfect. I hate to say perfect it sounds arrogant but it was perfect! Both teams traded under 1.3, most saying it was an easy game to trade, I actually hate when anyone says that. Theres no such thing as an easy game to trade or a traders dream, its nonsense, you can easily be on the wrong end of everything.

But anyway, laid England at 1.3 a couple of times and kept greening out as it went along, and if they came back down to 1.3 - 1.4 I'd lay them again and green out at 1.6 - 1.8. Have a screen shot because it was looking like a tie! I was here as the ball was bowled, one wicket left, one run needed "dont be a tie, dont be a tie, dont be a tie, dont be a tie!" They ran through for the single, if it had of hit he was gone. I know they had a few balls to spare but didnt fancy the last man in on strike at all, and they kept the powerplay until late so they were all around the bat. It was a good day anyway.

Messed about a bit on the darts in fivers, said I'd keep it small. Seriously looking forward to this weekends GAA, looks like theres going to be a few brilliant games on, come on Kildare! Hopefully Golden Sword can win the King George too but I'm not backing him, strong pace will suit the others just as much as it will suit him, a race to watch. Hope everyone had a good day, and have a good night!

Cricket: EUR363.30 | Darts: EUR9.52 Total P&L: EUR372.82



  1. well done son but....

    i am clearly the daddy!.

  2. Congrats on getting over the 14,000 mark!

  3. Cheers! Have to say over it now!