Saturday, July 25, 2009


Steady day again with not much to tell, the cricket went well although it was fairly hard game to trade, a 1.01 train from the start with just a few bumps in the tracks as it went along. Only getting involved in the second innings is a fantastic help when this happens for me. After backing at 1.35 just kept topping up after price bounces on a wicket at 1.15, it would only take 9 or 10 runs to get the price back to 1.07ish. The GAA went well, lumped on Kildare, we were woeful so it wasnt without its scares but lets be honest Wicklow should never beat us, it did look like they were going to at one stage though! I was fairly relaxed watching it at the same time. Doesnt look too good for the next round should we get a good team though.

I'm incandescent with rage (seriously!) that Totesport are going 13/8 on Alfred Nobel tomorrow and wont take a bet off me, thats a massive price. Clueless bunch of guessers, I'm gutted I cant take it. But anyway, nothing I can do about it and I'll wait until the morning now before I back him, even I miss the price by a tick or two I want to see if it rains or not as thats more of a plus for Walk On Bye. That fact I cant back it at 13/8 now makes me wait until the morning anyway, the Irish firms are only going 11/8 (they know), but I'll be up early to take that hopefully should the rain stay away. I'll post in the morning if I do back him. Anyone that likes free money, €200 on at 13/8 and you can lay off at 2.5 as I type on Betfair, €25 for nothing if he wins. I know the stack camp really like their filly but sure we'll see whos the better horse tomorrow wont we!

Cricket: EUR120.84 | Darts: -EUR20.00 Total P&L: EUR100.84

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