Sunday, July 12, 2009

Growing Myself A Monty Panesar Beard

Sir Monty, what a legend for hanging on, shows how much hard work hes put into his batting in the nets. But the real star was Paul "THE WALL" Collingwood, my new hero! Cant say enough about him, he held everything together when others around him were falling apart.

As for my trading, I said in a few posts back I was in a woeful position, all red for €300 and said I really shouldnt bet on the first three days, well I was right. I've traded the last two days very well to only lose a fiver! Its came with a lot of luck but I'll take it, wasnt expecting play on Saturday because of the forecast, just happened to flick on the market and seen the draw trading at 1.25, then switch on sky sports and they were playing! Laid that to have €500 red the draw and around €230 green the Aussies, then today managed to lay the Aussies to come out level. Fantastic considering I was looking at a €300 loss, and more importantly I think I've learned how to trade test matches for myself, that being sit on my hands until the first innings are over or were into the last two days. I'm also fully aware that I change all red books into a good result about two out of ten times.

Couple of points -
1) All the bowlers from both sides arent great.
2) English batsmen have to improve whats in their head, a lot.
3) KP shouldnt get as much stick as he does.
4) When I was laying a certain line on the session runs, Swann annoyed me the most and I'd drop him if I had to pick between him and another bowler.
5) If England cant take 20 wickets they cant win (obviously!) so they'll have to improve, didnt even look dangerous.
6) Massive blow not to win for the Aussies, but they are the better team.
7) I'm calling my first born boy Monty.
8) Cook donest cut it for me at the top of the order, dont know what it is.
9) Never trust a weather forecast.
10) Pitch was like a road and England batsmen are hanging on, cant be right.
11) Ponting is a good captain, better than Strauss.
12) Johnson looks overrated to me.
13) Hauritz is no mug.
14) Broad and Anderson arent too scary for the Australia batsmen.
15) Australia completely underrated by the English press.
16) Wouldnt be too keen on being on England at under 2/1 again, but they normally start slow to that remains to be seen.
17) Matt Prior played one of the worse ever innings I've seen in the circumstances today.
18) Should have backed 0-0 at 100/1 with these bowlers.
19) Paul Collingwood is a legend.
20) How come England block better in 20/20? Only messing.

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