Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Naas Wednesday (Currently +26.6pts)

Oh dear, just logged into the Racing Post and they want money to read the spotlights now! I gave up buying the paper years ago because its full of bookies shite, but wanting money for what some bloke you dont know says about your horse, hardly. I'd pay for the form etc though. I laughed at the £9.50 for their tips, they can keep them. Last time I'll be using it anyway I reckon, even if I wanted to pay (which I kind of do) they wont accept laser cards, jokers! Anyway my seething aside, Naas is a nice little track and even better in the evenings, its actually one of my favourite courses. I've gotten a tip for Blue Ridge Lane in the 8-30 but I'm not backing it.

I havent looked at every race on the card because theres only one horse I want to back, Black Quartz in the first at 6-00. I didnt plan on having 4pts on it but I really like the price, it'll be the last 4 pointer for a while if it loses. I normally get told how good the two year olds are from Weld, Stack, Bolger and Prendergast. The first three named havent got superstars tonight, I'm told the Prendergast one has a good engine and they fancy it big time tonight. While the Ballydoyle one is very well fancied too and was talked about yesterday, so its going to be us against them, be interesting to see who goes off favourite.

Black Quartz has had a run at The Curragh, I backed him that day because he'd been working OK up to the race and they were all newcomers, his race was basically over after they left the stalls as he came out last, he didnt have a clue what to do through the whole race really. But he plugged on to be 4th in the end and Johnny wasnt hard on him, you'd be hopeing he learned a lot. Hes improved at home for the run anyway and is as well fancied as it could be. It worrys me that weve no idea how good the Prendergast one is, hes in great form and their backing it off the boards now. I absolutely love head to heads like this in the betting ring, I really do, its my favourite thing! I was going to have the day off, as Johnnys buggered off to Newmarket, it didnt look as bad me not going so I could hold hands and go to the cinema! But I've talked the girlfriend into giving me a lift and go just for the first.

The markets gone against me since I've backed it at 5/4 on Betfair, not surprising given the money for the other one, away from the challenge I'd back it with the bookies for Guaranteed Price rather than Betfair again, and I'm having large-ish bet on course. Looking forward to this tonight now, we'll see who the best. PS. Seamie would want to ride a tiny bit better than he has been of late!

Black Quartz 6-00 Naas, 4pts win @ 5/4 on Betfair.


  1. Hiya Stephen...Big fan of the Blog.

    I think your going pretty strong at the moment with a very impressive P/L so far.

    Trying to get one of these Blogs going properly...

    As a fellow Irishman and Kildareman do you think Kildare at 3.2 to beat Dublin is a good bet....

  2. Alright mate, was actually just talking all about this just today with everyone at Naas. Personally my biggest worry is whether the Kildare lads might bottle it, with croker being packed and it being a final, you seen what happened to Wexford last year, I had a big bet on Wexford that day as well, was an awful feeling watching it. I hate Dublin! On the other side of that Dublin bottle it too big time when the pressure is on, their the biggest flat track bullies EVER for me! No question.

    I think weve a fantastic chance, the forwards are all scoring and the whole team are playing well sure. The most important positive thing for Sunday to me is that Kieran has them playing like a northern team, getting players around the ball, blocking and defending well, their a tough side this year so it all looks well. Everyone knows Dublin hate playing the northern teams.

    From my betting point of view, croker packed is worth about 4 or 5 points to Dublin. But I think Kildare are the better team, I'm bias though! Basically this is our chance this weekend. I'll be at The Curragh so I dont think I'll have a bet on it (dont want to jinx them either haha!), but I'd watch the first maybe 20mins, whole first half and see how Kildare are shaping up, the market will always favour Dublin so even if Kildare went in at half time ahead they still wont be under evens.

    Dublin are going to have that ten minutes in every game they score for fun, but if the lads can handle the pressure and stay with them until 10mins to go or so I'd they we'll pull it out! Its too close to call for me to be betting on it beforehand, I'd go with watching to see how Kildare are playing and then get involved, I cant though cause I'm racing!

    And you can see how close this game is because I've waffled on so much! Hope they do it!