Monday, August 3, 2009


Wont say too much, I posted up my position in the test yesterday and its ended up a draw in the end, no complaints I knew what I was taking on. Glad I was in Naas and didnt have to watch it though, would have died a slow death this afternoon. I was delighted Kerry beat Dublin though, made my day, even though it was too close to call for money on it, its so good to see Dublin get a thumping when they rough up all the little teams in Leinster then say they'll win the All Ireland, and then go and lose at the first hurdle after Leinster, it happens every year yet its still funny!

I took it easy all last week, played golf yesterday and went racing again today, so I'll have to have a serious days trading tomorrow no messing about, theres a Pro40 game on at half four and I'll do that. Maybe the horses for a while but maybe not, their a hard business these days, in running is terrible lately.

Cricket: -EUR318.64 | Gaelic Games: EUR21.96 Total P&L: -EUR296.68

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