Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Steady day again. In running on the horses was hard enough with just Southwell and Sedgefield on this afternoon, didnt help that I got behind early but did well to pull it back in the last 3 or 4 races of the day, seriously wanted to keep going at the time but there was no races left. Starting to look forward more and more to playing in running each day after my holiday and love having that feeling coming back, I think understanding the limits of what I can do in the markets was very important, bit of discipline and patience with so little liquidity on offer is important too, very easy to chase the market when theres no money on the lay side and I have to accept that.

The cricket went well too, although it was a hard game to trade. Basically it was GSM after Gloucestershire posted such a low total first innings, Hampshire were going to stay between 1.08 and 1.25 the whole innings so it was important to pick trades and NOT lay after a wicket, which is the worse thing you can do in this situation. The price bounces out but then it'll bounce straight back in because the total was so small, massively important to have a good set of balls too, there was 29 runs scored in 9 overs I think, but laying with such a low total to chase is like catching a falling knife, one four or six and the price flys against you no matter how many dot balls went before. Obviously every game is different and you have to judge the pitch, the bowling attack and the total before trading like this, but tonight was fairly handy.

Cricket: EUR35.67 | Horse Racing: EUR17.72 Total P&L: EUR53.39

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