Saturday, August 29, 2009


Solid day today, although Betfair was a bit slow putting in bets so had to stop doing in running half way through the day. Yesterday was fantastic, was down €70 at one stage but managed to get back to level by the end of the day. Bit disappointed with the cricket yesterday but today was better, I went equal green so I could watch the United match, maybe should have let my position run a bit more because the team I laid at 1.2 ended up losing, but I was delighted with €40 either way at the time and watched the match happily. Fantastic United won too!

Really got away with one backing Spurs today, 95th minute, have the football bank on Real at the moment 2-1 up but heading off out when that finishes. Its been a good day, although really hard to focus on one thing at a time when theres so much going on. I'd have probably done better if I stuck to one sport today but rather win a small amount on each and enjoy everything at the same time.

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