Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Cracking day. I'd be a happy man if the lads on the HRI board put on Laytown every day because I done really well there tonight, dont know how or why because its only one once a year but was able to read each race really well for some reason. It was also good to get in front early enough during the day, bit of confidence and kicked on knowing if I made a mistake I was still ahead. Couldnt have gone any better this evening, its been ages since I won this amount only from in running off ATR in one day.

Watching the cricket here, theyve called off the England v Australia 20/20 because of the run ups, I know theres gonna be a whole load of complaining but in my mind, they were totally unfit to play on having seen it on sky, it was he most important part too. I was able to lay 1.66 after seeing it. I can understand sky saying theres 25,000 people there get the game on, but its unfit, anyone that said play on it was talking nonsense. Bowl from one end was a good idea I suppose. The massive question is why is it unfit right in the landing spot on the bowlers run up? It was under covers.

Cricket: €115.30 | Horse Racing: €89.27 Total P&L: €204.57

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