Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sea The Stars Declared For Leopardstown

Along with:

Fame And Glory
Casual Conquest
Grand Ducal
Set Sail
Lord Admiral
Loch Long

Now Sea The Stars actually running is a totally different question altogether. My honest answer at the moment is I dont know, if "good to yeilding" wasnt good enough for him to run in the Irish Derby one wonders why hes been declared when the ground is being called "soft" now, after 22mm of rain yesterday, I'm confused anyway.

John Oxx is on the board at Leopardstown so obviously he wants to give the horse every chance to run, I just got one those texts from HRI saying he was running, get to Leopardstown etc etc so their obviously really pushing tickets. Hopefully he has every intention of running. I'm just confused that its one thing for the Derby and another thing for this. We shall see. Bit worried with my Fame And Glory bet at the minute to be honest, mainly cause I've no idea what John Oxx is doing.

One thing he said that worries me: "We will see what happens and if Leopardstown dosen't get too many showers over the next couple of days, we may delay a decision until around midday on Saturday." See now, you cant have everyone there waiting and then withdraw, thats unfair to people paying in really isnt it.

Its cloudy in Leopardstown at the minute I'm told, but theres been no rain today yet. I still think right at this moment Sea The Stars is odds against for running, but I'd love to know what John Oxx is thinking in private, he withdrew days before the Irish Derby, now hes done the opposite when everyone was waiting for him to do the same! Was it the distance that day, so its different over 1M2F?

Fame And Glory is evens on Betfair in the day market now, that'll be interesting. Also really interesting how people price up Sea The Stars, he got laid at prices as big as 15 on the antepost market. No one knows whats happening here, this sort of carry on wouldnt happen if Bolger was the trainer anyway would it!

Anyway, going to play in running today after a day off yesterday, hopefully get my head cleared of all this by 2ish, three decent meeting all on RUK, so no excuses today. Unless I lose, then I'll think of something.

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