Thursday, September 10, 2009


Missed Purple Hearts race in Tipperary because the weather so was good today I went for a round of golf, heard he finished 4th and was calling him all sorts of names on the 8th tee at the time, but having watched the race back online I'd give him another chance. Its difficult to get a proper read of the race watching it on the computer, but I said this morning hes a horse that doesnt go through the gears quickly, so where Johnny got the idea that coming from behind a wall of horses with a couple of furlongs to go would work from I've no idea. He did get a gap on the outside at one stage but as I said he hasnt got the quick change of gear to race like that. Making ground late on hands and heels was a tad annoying too, no idea whether he would have won or not if he'd have made the running mind, but worth another chance I reckon.

I was having a moan yesterday afternoon about being minus a Murtagh at The Curragh the weekend in favour of a seriously poor looking English Leger, but sure if he rode Yeats like Purple Heart he wouldnt win either. I fear for Yeats the weekend though, the Leger is hardly his type of race and hes been beaten in it a good few times, my head says Alandi but its a no bet for me, cant bet against the daddy! Seriously looking forward to Alfred Nobel however, I take on board Kingsfort won the best maiden run in Ireland this year very impressively, but at joint favourites, gimme the Group 1 winner over the maiden winner please.

Johnnys picked Viscount Nelson over Await The Dawn too in Doncaster for Saturday. I wonder. Basically, no idea whether hes right or not. Viscount Nelson works like a machine but hasnt impressed on the track at all, I've lumped on at short odds the last twice and been nervous in the last furlong. Await The Dawn wasnt fancied too much first time out and would come on massively for the run, still went and won so utterly impressively over 1M in Naas. Nothing behind bar the 2nd though, who was a stablemate, whos won since. But it'll be interesting to see how the English ring prices up the "second string" it is a killer however theres only 7 runners so that rules out most of the good in an each way bet. Emperor Claudius is no mug either, be disappointed if one of them didnt win that race or at least finish a close 2nd, although the trip looks short enough for all of them. Ones to watch for certain, especially Await The Dawn.

The cricket this evening was as simple as it could be, Gloucestershire were clearly short of par getting 172, so just backed Yorkshire at 1.34 to chase it down (RRR was 4.3), straight bet whatever happened I said before I done it, no trading. Wouldnt mind but I'm lying here on the couch with a blanket unable to move never mind trade cricket after the first round of golf in weeks.

Cricket: €97.94 | Horse Racing: -€34.91 Total P&L: €63.03

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