Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Simple day. Got up at 12-30. Admired ones self in the mirror. Had breakfast. Seen England won the toss and decided to bat. Made a mental note to back Australia to chase down the total. Went to the gym. Admired ones self in the mirror again. Had a shower. Backed Australia. Listened to is this the way to amarillo while laughing at Englands fielding. Collected. This gambling lark is easy innit man! All this done and my horoscope on facebook this morning said I'd have an awful day and be unfortunate with my career. Fooking have it Mystic Meg!

Joking aside, why in the blue hell were Australia 2.5 to chase down 300 on a flat pitch? Why was there so much resistance to the flip flop when Ponting and Clarke were going so well? And why were England pushed down to under 1.55 when Australia lost their openers, did people not know what was coming behind? Amazing.

I know logic tends to fly out the window when the mighty Engerland are playing, BUT a little bit of research goes a long way, Worcestershire chased down 283 on this very pitch over 40 overs only a number of days ago, add a few runs for an extra 10 overs and take away a few because its international cricket and bam you have a par score. Australia started the game at around 1.6, yet 2.5 to chase par. Its amazing, people are too busy having orgasms over England making 299 to remember a stupid little Pro40 game. I'm not allowed post on the Betfair forum but I can read it, one post mentioned this fact in over 2,300. Why? Lots of bias towards England obviously I understand that but the comments like "300 is massive" and "300s not chased down under lights." I dont blame people for thinking England would win like, because 300 was a fair target everything said you know takes a bit of getting, but the market was miles off where it should have been, I've actually never seen the odds so wrong in all my days on Betfair.

All that said if Ponting had gone early it would have been kaput I reckon, or at least close to it. He was fantastic, he is the daddy! But Englands bowlers are pants, none of them are scary to face, none of them look like taking a wicket. Add to this fact that the Australians batting lineup is class looking all the way down basically, massive difference in their bowling without Lee though it has to be said. No idea why the market was so in favour of England tonight, I was happy with my chart going along in the chase at almost every point. But then again you know, I do see things differently to everyone else at times, still once I'm happy with things thats all I need really.

Cricket: €391.45 Total P&L: €391.45

It was really sad to hear about Darren Sutherland this morning, never seen him in person but looking at him on tv and youtube he seemed a really nice bloke. You know what do you say, what makes a person do that I've no idea, it must be awful for the family and people close to him, so many questions and will never have closure. We might all have our bad days and bad feelings but its nothing compared to what some people have to go through in their head I suppose, I read somewhere today that he had suffered from depression before but boxing had got him out of it. I also heard Frank Moloney had a minor heart attack when he found him, what a sad story, its absolutely terrible.

RIP Darren

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