Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Havent seen any football tonight only the highlights, went to cinema instead, so much for exciting Champions League football eh! Liverpool only 1-0 against a poor team, looking at the highlights here on sky, its all I can go off, but they were shite. Liverpool seriously annoy me in the sense that they make awful hard work of games they should win yet when they come up against good teams, you'll look at the odds and say nah not backing them, yet they'll sneak a 1-0 or a 2-1 playing well, or maybe get a late penalty off a 7.8 rated drama dive off Stevie G. If they were a horse they would definitely have the timeform squiggle. I think I should just draw a line through them for the football bank bets, I dont know, as I said they make easy games hard yet win the hard games no one thinks they will, which is terrible in the gambling sense of things.

I'm also really, really, really gutted I had bets on overs and unders on a few games today before going out. I'm seriously annoyed like, no discipline. I said I wouldnt bet on football, I cant make it pay, and here I am again. I'm happy it was "only" €65 and not maybe €200, I suppose its a cheap lesson and a kick in the stomach to remind me not to bet on football. I know I cant make it pay yet bet on it, thats why I'm so annoyed. And more so because the rolling football Betdaq bank was supposed to stop this, thats most frustrating thing you know, because I know shouldnt be doing it. The soccerhoofkickball is a mugs game. Anyway, the football bank round 3 is still going with Liverpool winning so its not all bad.

Chose not to head down to Listowel today, instead decided to spend the day watching it with my grandad, he thought me basically everything I know about gambling. Jesus Christ though hes never bet in running, doesnt really know anything about Betfair, yet we were sitting there watching it and he just about called the winner of every race about 5F out. I was sitting there in shock. At listowel he called a favourite as "beaten" while still trading at 1.7ish, another Ruby horse as "going nowhere" when he was a good second, the mans a genius. Anyone can call a race I know, but these were proper against the general market feeling type of thing. Always nice to spend a birra time with him and watch the racing now hes too old to go and walk around for the whole day, always try to spend one afternoon with him a week at the very least. Missed out on going to Listowel though and watched the lads get stuck into Von Jawlensky and missed a winner, say it was some craic down there too on national day. But anyway I know I have my priorities right sitting where I was.

Mr Carberry told my grandad this morning to have a few quid on him in the national and he was nearly right, at 16/1 and all. I reckon if he hadnt of hit the last he'd have won, or at least pushed it to a photo. The horse was always going all the way to the line anyway. Me like a sap backed him just to win when he said each way. And why I had more on him than Von Jawlensky I've no idea, maybe got a bit over keen because it was the big race or something, I dont know, very nearly collecting €3,000 anyway! The cricket was just going red for a few ticks at the time of leaving for the cinema, nothing major, the team I was against at the time won in the end so probably saved me money, whether they traded at a higher price or not I dont know.

It was a pretty average betting day basically, but important for me to get a kick up the arse to stay away from football. Speaking of sore arses, Mr Murtaghs pain in the arse is improving all the time he says and he should be back riding fairly soonish, no rush anyway I said. How in gods name he was able to ride at the weekend I've no idea, we were in different places each day but he could barely walk yesterday. If he gave a horse a bad ride that explains it for you anyway, as I said hes a pain in the arse for everyone else some days so to experience himself is only fair. I'm not taking the piss with a "pain in the arse" either by the way, thats being serious. He says it was the fall in Dundalk, I say the wife should stop spanking him.

Cricket: -€15.30 | Horse Racing: €30.56 | Soccer: -€65.00 Total P&L: -€49.74

I'll sort out a screen shot from Betdaq for the football bank the weekend, only been scratching around with low prices lately so theres no real need for one every day to show you I won another €3, whos the daddy! Heard this song in Eddie Rockets in Dundrum tonight, you'll probably hate it, but I'm hooked anyway..

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