Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Again a quiet day today, not much knocking around. Missed all the fuss in the Australia game while they were trading at 1.01, bounced out to 2.2 and there was all sorts happening, they needed 20 odd runs with 8 wickets already gone, with Pakistan flying. As I missed the 1.01 cruising version, I actually thought over evens was a cracking bet at the time with Lee there, wasnt without its worrying moments even then and was able to trade out fairly quickly, even after that there were dodgy moments so threw away a bit of green on Australia to get green on Pakistan. I think I caught the most exciting part of the game anyway! India v West Indies was a walkover so no betting there and again nothing doing on the horses, but delighted with a 25 quid profit for no more than 5 minutes work, I'd have liked longer so hopefully the semis are more even games.

Cricket: €24.75 Total P&L: €24.75

No football bank bets either tonight, thought Chelsea and United were a bit low given that United were playing a good team and Chelsea were away. Both won, rather be safe than sorry if I'm not 100% though, hard to get a read on Real Madrid in Europe too because they cant defend but are brilliant going forward. Anyway forget about the Champions League, if youve got a spare 5 minutes watch this bloke, hes unreal..

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