Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Irish National Hunt Full Proof System

I have discovered a new system for the jumping, it is as follows..

Back Ruby Walsh In Every Race.

Full proof way to riches! Although I havent backed any of his winners today (four in a row at Silgo) I watched him, hes a master, theres no doubt about it. He does do the odd over holding up tactic but sure he gets it right more times than not. As for my day well it was less successful than him anyway, but managed to sneak out €25 betting in running when I got home from college. Was delighted to be home around half one, got a lovely Fallon-esque run home up the inside in the bus lane, even with stopping to buy myself a cooked chicken for dinner was home in around 20 minutes only to discover there was nothing worth rushing home for. Its been a really slow week in terms of betting, I'm hoping its just to do with the limited sport of tv in the evenings (or the times I home) rather than the fact of being back in college. I've won €50 since Monday, the bus costs €4.40 a day and the chicken cost €6, wouldnt be long going hungry! So discovering there was no cricket live on sky was the worse part of my half day off, what was the best part? Falling up the stairs in college today only to look around and see no one had seen. Still the daddy.

Looking ahead to more important matters than just swanning around today, really, really, really shocked to hear Lillie Langtry and Alfred Nobel are running in Newmarket Saturday. I dont like it. Lillie finished absolutely knackered in bottomless ground at The Curragh the last day, was backed to win and obviously disappointing. Same craic with Alfred except he'd won on the ground already, I was stood about half a furlong from the line on the rails watching and my reaction straight away was it was one race too many this year, he hung away to one side and found absolutely nil, actually went into reverse, same as Lillie was backed to win that day. Er, I would have put them away for the season after that, Alfreds run reminded me of Mastercraftsman in France when he was a two year old, I think Lillie was more so down to the ground but still it must have took a lot out of her. I've gone through their races this afternoon, really and truly from my point of view theres nothing against them that can touch them, but I'm still not having a cent on. Will watch with interest, hopefully they run good races. AP knows a million times more than me but given their likely Guineas runners I dont see what good comes out of running them here after their last runs. Anyway, I'll be in Paris, I want nothing to do with it, I've been in college too so couldnt tell you the reasoning behind it either.

What to say about Paris? Sure, Fame And Glory will run a massive race, just does he beat Sea The Stars, I dont know. Being selfish you know, youre almost hoping Sea The Stars getting checked at some point or something, very hard to see him being beaten. He is not however, a certainty. It is an Arc. Being in the Fame camp, youre always looking at the negatives for Sea The Stars, still a question over 1M4F, and sure we'll find out Sunday. It'd be amazing to win, no money on it though. If Fame doesnt win, I'll be hoping to see Kieren come swooping on the line.

Hopefully the ICC semi finals are good betting heats, I see the finals on Monday, reckon I could make it if its a day/nighter, not sure if it is. And Prizefighter is on Friday night, the heavyweights, should be really good to watch. No mad betting this weekend though, most will be around €100, even if that. Wont be able to post while in Paris but I didnt have a bet Monday or Tuesday so can update everything when I come back without losing markets on the screen shots, makes my life easier anyway.

Plans for tomorrow? Well, after sitting down the back of the bus with two wineo's on the way home, I'm now armed with all the relevant information and facts about the Treaty of Lisbon. Their voting No because the price of beer has gone up and "da bleedin state-a da government," while I'm voting No because I backed it. Whoever said people vote through their pockets. Being serious, no one has yet to give a good proper 100% reason to vote Yes, so I'm still in the No camp. Today I was told to vote Yes because of who is supporting the No side (Sinn Fein etc), what a shite reason! What has actually also annoyed me is, the Yes side has actually went around putting stickers saying "lies" on the No sides posters, fook me, how low can you go, forget about respecting other people views lets all just call each other names until someone wins. Nearly everyone I've met is saying No, if Yes passes by a good distance its gonna be like one of those dodgy boxing matches..

Anyway, hope everyone has a good winning weekend.
Come on Johnny!

Horse Racing: €25.67 Total P&L: €25.67

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