Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

I think I speak for not only myself but for anyone who follows international cricket when I say welcome back Engerland! All out inside the 50 overs for 146, all is back to normal in the world of cricket trading, I have to say I wasnt around for their innings so cant comment too much, sure they were already through anyway dont blame them for probably not being 100%, but its nice to have them back, it was weird watching them win games. Couldnt resist having 20 quid on them at 300/1 having been on the wrong end of a New Zealand collapse last week, one or two wickets fell and I laid my stake back at 100/1. Nothing lost, nothing gained. But with the Australia match being called off yesterday due to rain and me being in college while the horses are on, I've pretty much nothing to bet on. I'm starting to twitch. Well not really, but its all too calm, as the P&L shows down there, absolutely nothing happening.

So onto the storm, the weekend. Arc day at Longchamp Sunday. Fame And Glory is a certainty. Oh wait, Sea The Stars is running, bollocks. After much thoughtful horseman insight, a lot of shrewd brainpower and many cups of tea we have come up with the following plans today to win the arc..

PLAN A - Hope it rains.
PLAN B - Hope the course over water.
PLAN C - Hope John Oxx withdraws.
PLAN D - Hope the driver of Sea The Stars horsebox gets lost on the way over and hes late.
PLAN E - Hope to finish 2nd in the hope the french stewards dont like John Oxx.
PLAN F - Kidnap sea the stars (give him back on Monday).
PLAN G - Run 7 'pacemakers' and box him in. Obvious dangers with that, Lydia Hislop would be incandescent with rage.
PLAN H - Pray.

If that all fails, I think we'll go for the running as fast as you can for as long as possible idea and hope that Fame outstays him. Sure look, thats our only hope I reckon. Sea The Stars' followers will say hes the best and has no more questions to answer but if theres a tiny question still there its does he really strongly stay 1M4F with a gun at his head all the way, or is he 'as good' over 1M4F as he is at 1M2F. I've basically given up, sick of the sight of seeing his arse fly past all year, but we can only live in hope sure. Fame And Glory will run a massive race, but its just will that be good enough. I have to say fair play to AP anyway, we wont die wondering.

Weve also come up with a list of things to say to the BBC when asked. They are as follows..

PLAN A - "Ah sure listen Risshiee were more hopeful than confident." Translated - Rishi you silly tosser we only came over for the shopping and the French birds.
PLAN B - No plan B, who d'ya think we are, the GAA!

Even though AP tends to say "were more hopeful than confident" nearly every race, it pretty much sums up perfectly the weekend. As I said, he'll run a big race, its just whether it'll be good enough or not. I'm not having a bet anyway, just going to enjoy it, I'll still be the loudest person in the stands if Johnny hits the front. Which he will do at some stage, its just what MJ will be doing behind that'll be the problem. I have to say from a punting point of view, I'd wouldnt be backing Sea The Stars at 4/6 or shorter, Jesus like its an Arc after all. And people wont like the wording but I'm going to say it anyway because its true, they dodged the Irish Derby because of the trip. So there has to be some doubt. Straw clutching Stephen, I know. But they said "the ground" then ran on worse ground at Leopardstown, but again, pissed all over us and well done, but you know this is different.

It should be a fantastic weekend anyway, no pressure of expecting to win or the likes. Little amazing point for you, we knew the Arc date months ago so booked the flights for €1, I know they add on taxes but anyway, tickets into the track are around €6 - €8 but we got them for free. So if you think about it, its cheaper for us to fly all the way to Paris and go to the Arc, one of the best racing days all year, than it is to drive 20 minutes down the road to our local track, The Curragh, for Irish Derby day which is €40 in. Bit mental isnt it. I know hotels cost money but sure we havent booked that yet, hoping something comes up, B&B or something.

Speaking of money, €130 to go see Ireland play football in Croker, seriously? Thats a joke. I know you get two games, Italy and Montenegro. Bloody hell, who wants to see Montenegro anyway, so its €65 each game. €65 to see Italy beat us and €65 to see 0-0 against Montenegro, Jesus Christ. If four lads want to go out for the night thats over €500, we were planning on doing it but not now like. Thats an awful lot of money to see soccerkickhoofball.

Anyway back to betting, I won €3.32 backing Barca tonight to get the football bank going again. Only another €126.68 to go before I can afford to go to an Ireland game. Hopefully have a chance to win a few quid on some sport this week if theres any on at the times I'm in, leave for Paris on Friday afternoon, back Sunday night. By the way, anyone thinking of going back to college as a mature student, dont, its not worth it, only back two days and already have five assignments. This early morning and hard work craic isnt for me. I dont like the real world, I prefer to stay at home, where its warm and you can watch tv.

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